Phil de Joux - Software Developer

Educated in Computer Graphics 1996, Mathematical Modeling BSc Hons 1993/5 and Medicine 1982/5.
Has built software with environmental and global positioning data, video and scientific models.

$> view --format=pdf
$> exit


  • B 2021/12—2022/03 Plugins for Blobs ☞ Type check units of measure with SMT solving.
  • F 2017/04—2020/12 Flare Timing scoring flying competitions ☞ Ask how how to interpret some rules typesetting them in LaTeX. Develop a reference implementation. Publish comparisons of implementations.

<F#, Elm & SQL>

  • C $2021/06—2021/10 Compositional ☞ Review slides, demos and labs of SAFE Stack training.
  • B $2021/02—2021/03 Bracco ☞ Prototype an app for interpreting contrast-enhanced ultrasound.
  • A $2014/02—2017/04 Aqualinc Research monitoring breaches of regulated levels of water take and pollutant discharge ☞ Design a database schema, unmunging and migrating data. Pull and cache metadata from Hilltop. Expose web services over relational and time series data. Develop web apps for admins and farmers. Pull data and emit LaTeX to typeset PDF reports.
  • G $2012/07—2012/12 Tagly ☞ Develop server and browser components of a live feed.
  • P #2012/06—2015/11 Apress Expert F# books ☞ Technical review of editions 3 and 4.
  • V #2011/08—2015/10 Travieo ☞ Develop a travel booking website.

<C# & SQL>

  • C #2012/08—2013/02 Cactus Outdoor ☞ Scope upgrading a production planning system for factory operations.
  • L $2008/01—2011/08 CropLogic ☞ Port, tune and test a discrete event simulation crop model with scientists. Ingest field and weather data. Develop a website for growers to setup their soil profile, cultivar, irrigation and fertilizer applications, recommend inputs and predict yields from async model runs.
  • D # ▩ 2007/12—2011/04 WDC ☞ Develop a website logging public submissions and scheduling hearing time slots.
  • N $2003/07—2008/05 NutriCentre ☞ Develop an online store.
  • W #2003/06—2007/07 NIWA ☞ Develop EDENZ, a website for publishing environmental time series data.


  • E $2001/08—2002/09 Aspelle ☞ Develop authentication and authorization parts of a security product.
  • O $1999/10—2001/03 Obvious Technology ☞ Develop a product for searching video, hitting on annotated key frames.
  • S $1999/07—1999/09 Software Migrations ☞ Develop a frontend for tools translating mainframe assembly code modules to C.
  • T $1995/02—1999/01 Trimble ☞ Maintain computer graphics, improving clipping and multithreading.
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