Supporting Acts

Contributions to projects that I use or want to succeed.

My activity on github is nicely summarised by ghuser.io/philderbeast. I donate some of my time and am setup to receive donations. I’m pushing for units of measure and functional programming.

Units of Measure

  • adamgundry/units-parser
    Bump expected test output for later ghc versions.
  • adamgundry/uom-plugin
    A compiler plugin for units of measure.
  • bgamari/the-thoralf-plugin
    After seeing a presentation on this compiler plugin at the Haskell symposium 2018, I fixed some build warnings and got it compiling with ghc-8.6.1.

Build Tools

  • BlockScope/hpack-dhall
    I started contributing and ended up owner and maintainer of this way to setup Haskell projects.
  • judah/pier
    I added test-suite running to this experimental way of building Haskell projects.
  • tweag/rules_haskell
    I helped document how to build Haskell fast with Google Bazel and rules_haskell.
  • commercialhaskell/stack
    Document how to suppress the -nopie warnings on macOS.
  • nmattia/snack
    An incremental build tool for Haskell projects.

Packages and Dependencies

  • fsprojects/paket
    I helped document how to convert an existing solution to use paket, explaining some assumptions in the way the project files need to be organized on disk. This is now a tutorial.
  • NixOS/cabal2nix
    I made a pull request adding hpack-dhall packages that we agreed should not be merged as cabal2nix should focus on .cabal files and drop support for other package file formats.
  • typeable/stackage2nix
    Redirect stale links to all-cabal-hashes and lts-haskell.
  • input-output-hk/stack2nix
    Parse the mac operating system as osx or darwin.