Phil de Joux - Software Developer

Educated in Computer Graphics 1996, Mathematical Modeling BSc Hons 1993/5 and Medicine 1982/5.
Has built software with environmental and global positioning data, video and scientific models.

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  <F#, Elm, Haskell and SQL>
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  • F ?2017/04—202~/~~ Flare Timing ☞ For scoring hang gliding and paragliding competitions; typeset the rules as LaTeX • question how to interpret some rules • develop a command line reference implementation • develop web visualizations of workings, results and discrepencies across implementations • find, raise and fix bugs in the official implementation, FS • rescore and publish competitions.
  • A $2014/02—2017/04 Aqualinc Research ☞ For monitoring breaches of regulated levels of water take and pollutant discharge; design a relational database schema • unmunge munged data, develop system services to pull and cache metadata from Hilltop web services • expose web services over the top of the relational and time series data • develop separate web frontends for administrators and farmers • generate annual reports by pulling data from web services and typeset with LaTeX.
  • G $2012/07—2012/12 Tagly ☞ Develop server and browser components of a live feed.
  • P #2012/06—2015/11 Apress ☞ Technical review of Expert F#, editions 3 and 4.

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  • C #2012/08—2013/02 Cactus Outdoor ☞ Scope and prototype upgrades to a production planning system for factory operations.
  • V #2011/08—2015/10 Travieo ☞ Develop a travel booking website.
  • L $2008/01—2011/08 CropLogic ☞ For more potato yield with less water and fertilizer input and less pollutant runoff; port, tune and test a discrete event simulation crop model with scientists • pull in field data and external weather data from numerous and disparate sources • develop a website for growers to setup their crops to enter their irrigation and fertilizer applications and to view the model recommended future inputs and expected yields.
  • D # ▩ 2007/12—2011/04 Waimakariri District Council ☞ Develop a website logging public submissions and scheduling hearing time slots.
  • N $2003/07—2008/05 NutriCentre ☞ Develop an online store.
  • W #2003/06—2007/07 NIWA ☞ Develop tools and the EDENZ website for publishing environmental time series data.

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  • E $2001/08—2002/09 Aspelle ☞ Develop authentication and authorization parts of a security product.
  • O $1999/10—2001/03 Obvious Technology ☞ Develop a product for searching video, hitting on annotated key frames.
  • S $1999/07—1999/09 Software Migrations ☞ Develop a frontend for tools translating mainframe assembly code modules to C.
  • T $1995/02—1999/01 Trimble ☞ Maintain the inhouse computer graphics library, improving clipping and multithreading.